About Us

We are a mother-daughter team. Mom has more than 25 years of experience as an estate planning attorney. She saw a need for high-quality and affordable estate planning, since many people can't afford the high legal fees of an attorney or are too busy to visit an attorney in-person. After seeing the poor quality of "do it yourself" estate planning and the headaches it creates in the long run, mom thought that together we could make a comprehensive, attorney-reviewed product for the fraction of the cost. Daughter works on the technical aspects of the business to make this vision possible. We provide a product that delivers each client peace of mind for their future.

Our Origin

California Trusts Online was created to provide attorney-quality estate planning for the everyday person. We strive to be accessible, thorough, and affordable. Our origin happened over a phone call:

Mom: I was listening to the radio and heard about a chef from a traditional sit-down restaurant opening a self-serve version. The self-serve restaurant makes the same high-quality food; they just don't offer all the same service that the traditional restaurant does.

Daughter: Interesting... 

Mom: I was thinking that the economical version of an estate planning attorney would be a document assembly website, but all of the document assembly websites out there offer a really poor product. I think we could do better.

Daughter: So you're thinking of making a high-end product at a more reasonable price than traditional estate planning?

Mom: Exactly! We could have a more comprehensive questionnaire and I could review all the documents. You could build the website.

Daughter: Let's do it!

Our Product

We're different from many other online estate planning companies.

  • Our comprehensive questionnaire helps to tailor your documents to your personal situation.
  • We provide information to help you make informed decisions and understand what these documents do and why they're important.
  • Each document is reviewed by a licensed California attorney.

Note: We never sell your personal information and all information is treated as confidential.

We are proud of the service our California-based family business offers. We pledge to give a portion of our profit to non-profits that support access to justice.