Creative Options for Cremated Remains and Burials

Image of forget-me-not flowers. Image by Noah Silliman on Unsplash.


Gone are the days when remains could only be buried; now there are many creative options on the market. If one of these options piques your interest, please proceed with caution—we have not checked to see if the services are legitimate. We do not endorse these products and websites and we are not affiliated with any of these businesses. While we are not sure if they are legitimate, they are definitely interesting and are a testament to human creativity!

Unique Urns for Cremated Remains

Urn in shape of loved one’s head—3D printed or make jewelry, sculpture and wide variety of urns:


Biodegradable urns:


Huggable urns (think teddy bears):


Urns best suited to travel (to take that last trip):


Eco-friendly urns:


Also try Etsy for a wide variety of artistic urns.

Unique Ways to Scatter Cremated Ashes



Into orbit around the earth:


Made into a reef:


Turn into a gem:


Create art to hang on your wall:


Turn into a glass keepsake:



No websites to offer here, just a rumor that it can be done.


Press ashes into a vinyl record (word of caution for anyone younger than 50: you will need a record player to be able to listen to the record):


Turn your loved one’s ashes into a tree:


Scatter in the atmosphere (eventually they return to earth):


Or a little closer to home, scatter from a helicopter:


Creative Options for Burials

For an ecological burial, you might also consider a mushroom burial suit:


For more ideas on non-traditional (or returning to traditional) burials: