How Do I Give My House to My Kids?

Image of a gift. Photo by Bridget Mac Donald on Unsplash.

You purchased a new house, and you want to make sure that it goes to your loved ones instead of “to the state” when you die. What is the best way to do that?


For many people, the best way to give your house to your loved ones on your death is to set up a Trust and then transfer your house into that Trust with a deed. If you do this correctly, your loved ones will avoid the expense, hassle and time of probate. Additionally, if you lose the capacity to manage your house on your own, the person that you name as your Trustee in your Trust can do that for you. This includes selling your house, renting it, paying your property taxes and other expenses, refinancing an existing mortgage, and applying for a mortgage or home equity line of credit or reverse mortgage.

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You can also prepare a Will that gives your house to your loved ones on your death. However, when you die, your loved ones will need to probate that Will in order to inherit your house, and a Will does not protect you in case you lose the capacity to handle your financial affairs.



If you add your loved ones to the title of your house by adding them to the deed, you are giving them an interest in your house now. This means that your loved ones’ creditors could put a lien on the house and that your loved ones could mortgage the property for the value of their interest.


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