Notary FAQs

Image of woman with notary stamp. Image from Freepik.

Here are a few common questions about notaries:

Where Can I Find a Notary Public?

Try the following:

     Your local bank.

     AAA (if you are a member).

     Fed Ex, UPS, or mailbox stores.

     Copy and print stores.

Google “notary public near me” to find a location close to you.


Can I Notarize My Documents Online?

No. California law does not provide for remote notarizations.


Can a Notary Public Come to Me?

There are mobile notary publics available in most areas. Google “mobile notary public near me” to find one.


Can a Notary Public Witness My Will?

A notary public cannot notarize a Will. However, there is no legal reason that a notary public cannot witness you sign your Will. We recommend that you ask the notary if they are willing to do so.

Remember that you need two witnesses for your Will.


A Few Tips:

Remember to have a current government issued photo identification with you (such as your driver’s license, identification card or passport).

Call first to make an appointment or to ensure that a notary is available.

Most notary publics charge $15 per signature. Mobile notaries will charge extra for travel.


The State of California maintains a list of current notary publics available for download at the Secretary of State website (click here).