When Do I Need a Trust?

Image of a question mark. Photo from Pexels.


Only you can decide if a Trust is right for you, but here are a few of the most common reasons people find a Trust helpful:


1. You want to avoid probate for your loved ones. Assets in a Trust do not have to go through probate to be distributed to your loved ones. Probate can take years and is more expensive than getting a Trust. Probate can also be a frustrating process.

2. You own real property. If you put your house into your Trust, your Trustee will be able to sell or otherwise transfer it when you die. They can also rent, sell or mortgage it for you if you lose the capacity to do so for yourself.

3. You have minor children. If you want someone else to manage your money for your minor children after your death without court involvement, put your assets into a Trust.

4. Your Beneficiaries have special needs. The Trustee of your Trust can manage money for your adult special needs Beneficiaries, too.

5. You want to give money to charities. If you do not have a Will or Trust, your estate will be given to your family members after your death based on the Table of Consanguinity. If you want to give something to a church, university or non-profit, you will need to name them as a Beneficiary in your Will or Trust.


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