Is a Trust the Same Thing as a Trust Fund?

No. The term “Trust Fund” is found more often on celebrity pages than in estate planning. Let me explain.

A Trust is an agreement between at least two people concerning certain assets. You need three things to set up a Trust:

  1. A person who creates the Trust (the “Trustor” or “Settlor”);
  2. An asset that the Trust controls (often referred to as a “Trust asset” or less commonly the “Trust res”);
  3. A Beneficiary—the person who will receive the Trust asset.

Emergency Preparedness

Estate planning is all about being prepared, and at California Trusts Online, we talk a lot about preparing for our own and our loved ones’ deaths and incapacity, but there are other things we should be ready for. Preparing for any type of emergency is important—not just a health emergency. In California, we are particularly at risk for wildfires and earthquakes.

Creative Options for Cremated Remains and Burials

Gone are the days when remains could only be buried; now there are many creative options on the market. If one of these options piques your interest, please proceed with caution—we have not checked to see if the services are legitimate. We do not endorse these products and websites and we are not affiliated with any of these businesses. While we are not sure if they are legitimate, they are definitely interesting and are a testament to human creativity!

Guardians—What You Don't Expect When You're Expecting

As with most adventures in life, we rarely plan for the end while we’re at the beginning, but every parent (new or seasoned) has the responsibility to choose someone to care for their minor children if they are no longer able to do it themselves. In California, this person is called a Guardian, and the nomination of a Guardian is appropriately included in your Will.