What Documents do I Need?

  • What documents do I need?
    • Will—If you want to decide who inherits your estate (your Beneficiaries) and who oversees the process (Executor), you need a Will.
    • Trust—If you have more than $166,000, minor children, want to delay distribution to your Beneficiaries or if you have a special needs Beneficiary, you need a Trust.
    • Financial Power of Attorney—If you may need someone to act for you with respect to your finances, such as to file tax returns, apply for government benefits (such as social security, Medi-Care, etc.), to pay your bills, or to close your bank accounts for you when you are no longer able to, you need a Financial Power of Attorney.
    • Advance Health Care Directive—If you wish to give instructions about your health care and end-of-life issues for the future when you are no longer unable to understand or to communicate your wishes, you need an Advance Health Care Directive.
    • Deed—California Trusts Online provides deeds only for California real property and only if you also purchase a Trust from us. You need a Deed in order to transfer your real property into your Trust.